• Why Automate?

Pre-requisite/ Tools:

  • none

Why Automate?

There are different reasons an organisation will want to automate parts of their processes, including Testing.

The end Goal is usually to reduce the life-cycle and/or overall cost of software product and so there can be confidence that the functionalities relating to the software has fewer defect.

Specifically in  UI Automation, a very common goal is to be able to roll out automation to different projects very quickly without having to develop every single line of code and script from scratch every time. The answer to this scenario is to design an automation framework.

Other benefits include but not limited to:

  • Automated smoke tests after build for quick feedback
  • Documentation and trace-ability
  • Improved and efficient regression testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Improved Requirement Definition
  • Outside office hours testing
  • Testers are able to spend more time breaking the product than worrying about regression.

To Start With, The Goal we will focus on is Regression testing of the web application. 

Further Reading : Implementing automated software testing (by Elfriede Dustin)

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