Archiekins Akintunde

I am Archiekins, and I am very passionate about delivering quality software, very quickly and efficiently. 

As early as I can remember in my career, I have always searched for creative ways of making either the testing process or test execution faster and more efficient because manual testing, if repetitive, has the potential to be quite boring. With over 10 years of coding for fun and in personal projects, the  idea that I can make Software to break Software, meant I can have fun delivering quality software by Automating  software test execution.
Over the years, I have used a number of tools and libraries to achieve different types of Automation including:

UI Automation Testing (Mobile and Web): Frameworks built using Selenium Webdriver, POM, C#, Java, Appium, and integrating with cloud services such as Sauce-Lab and Perfecto-Mobile.

Performance testing: Using JMeter extending functionality using BeanShell scripting and Visual Studio.

Web services Testing: Soap and RESTful Web service Testing Using SoapUI with groovy.

Also familiar with agile practices such as Scrum, BDD, TDD and Continuous integration either within an agile team or as part of DevOps within entire company.

Why I have created this Blog

Test Automation tribe is a way of sharing my journey with like-minded people, who enjoys learning and those who feels some repetitive tasks are better left for the computer and want to focus on the other productive aspects of software testing.
There are tons of information on the internet which if a beginner in automation has no concrete foundation or direction, could get easily frustrated, give up and lose out on the fun side of test automation.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to look around if you have any questions even if it is about software testing in general do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is (


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